Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here we go to the Bridal Expo!

Get ready, Cincinnati Brides; The Center is going to be showcasing our work at the Bridal Expo on February 9th! This event, hosted by Claiborne Productions, is taking place in the Grand Ballroom on the second floor of the Horseshoe Casino.  Among the midst of caterers, photographers, rental companies and more; The Center's staff will be there to help you through the process of booking the perfect venue for your big day!

We spoke with Tracy Claiborne, Owner of Claiborne Productions, to get the deets on what brides can expect walking into this wedding wonderland. But before we get into the nitty-gritty detail, she explained what Claiborne Productions is all about.

Having produced Bridal Expos in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus for the past 12 years, Tracy exclaimed that “’Bridal Shows’ are our business!” While many bridal shows are put on about once a year by a wedding professional hoping to promote their own business, Claiborne Productions focuses on showcasing a variety of vendors so that couples can engage and interact with every type of wedding expert to find the ones that best fit their needs. And in eleven days, Tracy and the rest of the Claiborne Productions team, will welcome brides of Cincinnati to attend an 11am– 4 pm wedding extraordinaire featuring over 80 of the area’s best wedding professionals including photographers, videographers, DJs, caterers, reception sites (Like us!), gown stores, tuxedo stores, invitation companies, cake designers, florists and much, much more!

Tracy filled us in on what a new bride-to-be can expect when entering through the Casino’s doors. After parking in the Casino’s Garage (for free we might add!), purchasing a ticket and picking up a Program Index listing all the companies present by category, brides are able to walk through the room and talk to each vendor. “It is a great place to see their products, taste samples, get ideas and actually meet the owners of these companies,” Tracy said.
Tracy then gave us some surprising advice when approaching each vendor. She said for brides to not solely focus on the price! Instead put the dollar sign dilemma on the back burner for a little and take into consideration each vendor’s personality and how you can see yourself working with them.
“[The Bridal Expo is] a great place to compare vendors to see what one offers over another. For example, there will be several DJ’s; look at the packages, see what they include and also talk with the DJ [to] make sure you like his/her personality and trust that you can work with them. There will be several photographers; each photographer has their own style and artistic abilities. Look at their photos and see what style you prefer. Don’t just look at the price but see which one you think will best capture your wedding the way you want." 
If your mouth is running dry from talking to all the vendors, sit down, take a break and enjoy one of two fashion shows taking place throughout the day. The first show starts at 12:30pm with the other one starting at 2:30pm. Both of these shows will display the same items so if you missed the first one, you can attend the last one and not miss a beat! During these 30 minute fashion shows, you will get the chance to scope out wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses.
What’s in it for the groom at this Expo, you may ask? During the fashion shows, there will be tuxedos displayed so your hubby can get some ideas of his wardrobe for the big day. Still not convinced he will be over-the-top excited to come? Tracy explained, during the first Bridal Expo hosted at the Horseshoe Casino (this is going to be their second show at this space), the groom, family and friends of the bride loved the venue. “Not only could they attend the Bridal Expo but they could go downstairs and gamble or catch lunch/dinner at one of the Casino Restaurants,” Tracy confessed. “We saw grooms and groomsmen hanging out at the Bridal Expo for a while and then [go] downstairs to try their luck on the Slots. It is a fun day for all and can make your planning easy.”
Now that you know this will be an event that offers something for everyone, purchase your tickets for $3 per person online at or wait to purchase them at $8 per person at the event. Tracy reminded us that only cash and checks will be accepted at the door and you must 21 years of age to attend. So come stop by our booth and say hello! We can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. Great advice! We look forward to seeing you all there!